I love big cities. Everything about them is fascinating to me. My top three favorites are Paris, London, and New York City. I love these all for different reasons, and today I'm longing for Paris! Here are my reasons:

1. The language. French is so beautiful. I can't wait to become fluent and not feel so touristy asking "parlez vous anglais?" every time I need help. 

2. Food. Some of my favorite restaurants in the world (literally) I've found tucked away in Montemartre, along the Champ-Elysees, or nestled in the tiny streets of the Notre Dame district. The crepe shops on most street corners with the most delicious nutella crepes! The fondue is amazing and don't even get me started about the pastries! And you know? I even like escargot.

Another charming thing about the French dining system is the time they take to enjoy a meal. In America, if your food is good, you wolf it down. However, eating out is quite an experience in France! There is no rush and the waiters take their sweet time bringing your check. My favorite restaurants are quaint and usually packed! It's wonderful to sit there eating fabulous food listening to people speaking rapid French and just enjoy being in Paris! 

3. Streets. Paris in the summer is gorgeous! The French love their flowers and put them on display on seemingly every window. Beautiful, thick, green trees line the streets filled with tiny smart cars, mopeds, and plenty of expensive BMW's. In most areas of Paris there is a rule that buildings cannot exceed a certain height. Thus, the Eifel Tower is visible from many places. These buildings have kept their original facades and are Parisian all the way. With the intricate decorations and designs lending an antique feel to every street. These twisting streets lead to all sorts of beautiful, hidden, sites and just strolling down the road is lovely.

4. Fashion. That classic Parisian Chic sense of style is prominent in most people out and about. In fact, the difference between a foreigner and a Parisian is most definitely the way the dress. No one can pull of style like the French. It's not just the clothes they wear, it's how they wear them. It's a style I wish I had... perhaps if I live in Paris long enough one day then I somehow inherit that!

5. Icons. The beautiful landmarks of Paris are breathtaking! The beautiful churches are awe-inspiring. Some of my favorites being the Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle, and the Sacre Coeur. You can still feel the past breathing in Paris. The Place de la Concorde still bears the feeling of the French Revolution and Versailles still reminiscent of King Louis and Marie Antoinette. The Arc de Triomphe is beautiful as ever, yet reminds of WWII and the Nazis occupation. The different palaces and vast buildings are all testament to the French's taste for decadency! 

6. Art. The finest art in the world resides in Paris. I could spend months in the Louvre and not see all the museum has to offer! I haven't figured out why the Mona Lisa is the most popular piece here because it's rather small and honestly not too impressive. The most famous paintings of all time are on show there, but the entire Louvre is full of simply beautiful things. After the Louvre, just walk across the Seine and you're at the Musee d'Orsay! Which is also lovely...

7. Lights. At night, the city is lit up in the most stunning way. Up on top of the Eifel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe, the view is unbelievable. I'd say Paris has been most aptly nicknamed the "City of Lights." I think it's fairly evident to say it's a pretty romantic place. I've been to the Eifel too many times without my kiss! Next time I suppose.

I'm getting carried away! I'd better stop here.  So to sum it up, I love Paris. I don't know why I miss it so much today. Maybe it's the weather. That's a safe bet! Always blame unknown emotions on the weather. Sitting here in the library seems really boring after writing all that... oh well. I'll get back to France soon enough! 

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