Building Sandcastles

Every now and then I get obsessed with certain songs. And I listen to them again, and again, and again, and again, until I have completely memorized the songs and thoroughly related them to my life. This has happened over the past few days with these two songs:

1) Sandcastles by Kate Voegele. I love her music! And this song just fits right now. Especially with my "summer" mentality. I don't want to make huge life choices yet. I want to enjoy the simple things of life and have some adventures. I've realized just how BIG some decisions are and I guess I'm a little apprehensive to jump too fast. I feel so young! You know that feeling when you have so much to do that you just give up and take a nap instead? (shout out to Melina!) Maybe that's what I feel. There are so many decisions to make, I just want to figuratively build sandcastles sometimes instead of facing the big-wide world of harsh realities.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ425NvC80w

I had this picture in my head
Of where I oughta be and when 
But it's just like the good advice that John gave when he said,
"Life, it happens while we're busy making plans."

I'd rather make sandcastles 
Instead of these wide-world decisions
I knew, I knew it all was catching up to me.

2) Breath by Michelle Branch. I have no clue why I like this so much, honestly. It's old and very poppy. But for some reason I love it right now. I'm in one of those moods I guess. But these lyrics just speak to me and describe how I feel about a few situations. Listening to this song just makes me want to let my hair down and just LIVE. So here's a video! The official music vid is stupid, so hopefully this lyric version will suffice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNHYP7DErh4

 If I just breathe
 Let it fill the space between 
I'll know everything is alright
 Every little piece of me 
You'll see 
Everything is alright
 If I just breathe.

Just thought I'd share my current obsessions :)

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