Slowing it down...

I guess getting your wisdom teeth out has a few perks like pampering. slurpees. ice cream. movies. reading. sleeping. Time to write in your blog. Oh yeah, and PAIN. I am seriously so grateful I live in this modern age though. I don't know how I'd cope with life if I didn't have my Ibuprofen and anesthesia. Thank heavens for medicine. I think Shaylee K is starting to wear off on me....I can feel my pain threshold decreasing as we speak...

Anyways, I have a had a lot of time laying around to do some reflection. I've been thinking about a really valuable lesson I learned awhile ago that I had forgotten until this past week. 

I think one of the challenges of life is learning to properly enjoy one's current stage of being. While it's good to plan for the future, people need to live for the moment. I've definitely been guilty of that in several stages of my life.  When I was in elementary school I looked up at those huge 6th graders and wondered if I would EVER get so tall. Then before I knew it I was a highly impatient girl in primary just counting down the days till I could turn 12 and have my life start. If only I could get to Young Women's then I'd be happy. Once I was there, I realized beehives were nerdy and annoying....14 was where the party was! I mean, I could go to stake dances and EFY. So I turn 14 and realize I was totally mistaken. Sweet sixteen baby!! That was when my life would begin. I'd have my own car, go on dates every weekend, and live the high life. I will say, I thoroughly enjoyed driving. Dating not so much. But then the charm of sixteen wore off. All I wanted was so and so to ask me out. Lose a few pounds. Get rid of my acne. Blah blah. Then my senior year rolled around and while I had a lot of good memories attached there, I was incredibly anxious to get to BYU! College was the best life could get. I think the moment I was declared a High School graduate I hit the doors of Morgan High running as fast as I could. 

It's like we're all on a journey. And all we want to do is get to the next station. Whether it be a certain age, milestone, graduation, travels, mission, marriage, first child, grandparents, retirement... we all seem to say, "if I could just get there, I'd be happy." It always seems to be the next station that holds the joy we've been waiting to find. 

I realized the other night while talking to a close friend that there is no station. There's no magical point where we become happy. We can spend our entire lives searching for something that can only be found in the journey, not the station. 

Why are we as humans so anxious to always jump to the next point? Instead of always trying to reach the next stage of life, school, relationships, and work... I'm going to love where I am. And I do. I have all the opportunity in the world. I have good grades. Deep and meaningful relationships. The best friends a person could ask for. A fulfilling religion. A decent job. Wonderful family.The chance to learn an incredible language. Good health (well... hopefully that improves shortly!). What else could I really want? 
There's no need to rush. Life is seriously beautiful all along the way and I've got to make the very most of where I am. 

I want to say one more thing about this. Sometimes, though, there are some things in life that aren't always happy-go-lucky-super-positive. There's some huge challenges in life (duh). But those things shouldn't hold us back from making the very most of where we currently are. There may be things in life that we NEED to improve on. Or some situations we've got to let go of. There's a famous prayer given by a certain pastor that sums this up pretty nicely, 

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." 

What a good perspective. I think I need to say that prayer more. 

So, here's to not rushing through life and enjoying the journey! 

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