Don't Give Up

My thoughts exactly. Never give up on things that you feel strongly about. There is usually always a stumbling block or two on the road to getting the things you want more than anything. I guess they are what filters out dreams from what we just think we want, and what we're actually willing to work and fight for. But there's something I've been thinking about lately....It's not just about "getting through." Where's the excitement in that? Life is meant to be lived with passion. To me, that means not doing things half way. It's about doing things with quality. It's about not giving up, on the dreams you desperately want, the people you love, and the things you know are right.

If you think about it, we do pretty much the same things everyday for our whole lives.Getting up. Working out every morning (ha, heavy sarcasm). Going to work. Going to school. Seeing the people you see everyday. Eating. Going to sleep....and the thing is, those are all GREAT things. But they can seem so dull when we look at them in a humdrum light. Sometimes I find myself completely forgetting to infuse them with passion. The passion of my dreams, ambitions, and love. I think one of the secrets to life is finding those things and people that ignite that drive to really live. Once you come across those people and things, life just isn't the same. They bring new energy and focus to your life. Ordinary things become exciting.

Anyways, tonight I'm having a much need girl's night! With myself. You know, sometimes you just need some personal time. I've got my T-Swift on, finger nail polish out, journal ready to write in, new clothes to be organized, pinterest calling my name, buttery popcorn, and possibly a chick flick. I'm stoked!

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