The Almost Summer Vacation

So my family was planning a trip to Lake Powell. Which is practically one of the greatest places on Earth. As long as you have a nice, comfortable houseboat. Camping = never. If I've said this before forgive me, but I loathe camping. Hate doesn't even cut it. I saw a great quote once, "camping is fun if you like to pretend you're homeless." I guess some people (with greater souls than mine) must feel more at one with nature when living in the great outdoors. Praise you. I'd much rather pay to sleep in a warm bed, eat nice food, and smell clean. I really hope my future husband does not enjoy this hobby because I would not make a fun camper buddy.

I digress. Back to Powell! Unfortunately we are no longer going to that little slice of heaven in Southern Utah! Darn those last minute complications. I spent a lot of time there as a little girl! My extended family's SLIGHT obsession about the red rock of Powell must run in our blood. My great grandparents would drive down before the dam was even built. They'd endure hours of driving on unpaved dirt, rocky roads just to camp (which apparently did NOT rub off on me) by the creek and Indian ruins. Well the years went by. Now it's 254 square miles of pure awesome. But almost every year in between my whole family has been avid enthusiasts of all things Powell. And for just about every summer for as long as I can remember my family, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins have packed up and lived on the lake! 

I really love that place. Probably because it feels like home. The boating, learning to water ski, extreme tubing, lizard hunting, lake bathing (floating soap is crucial), tons of sun, life jacket rash, delicious food, marina ice cream, cliff jumping, the warm water, late night card games, family time, gorgeous view of the stars, sleeping on top of the houseboat, the still of the lake at night, hour long boat rides, tight french braids, and falling asleep to the rock of the houseboat have all made my Lake Powell experiences some of my favorite. 

Oh well... next summer. My cousins are still coming into town and so it will be a party still! We're exchanging the red of LP for the pine trees of the mountains. Cabin lovin' instead! Which is still serene. Close to Lake Yuba, which means boating and waverunning! Some casual hiking. A rope swing. Four wheeling. Good food. Fun people. And most importantly: work is off for the week!


  1. Shut up! You're not going?? Bummer!!!!!! Oh well... if you had gone I would have been soo jealous. I'm still jealous. :) love you and your blog!

  2. Not to rub salt in your wounds but we just got back from spending 6 days in Powell on a houseboat. I feel the same way about camping even though my boys love it. I think we did everything on your list sans the french braids. Sorry your trip didn't happen. Powell is also one of my favorite places on earth.


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