I want to go somewhere. Anywhere.

I really dislike monotony and I'm really looking forward to the change fall will bring. I just feel like going on a trip! However, due to my real big lack of money that is not looking feasible. I wouldn't even need a huge glamorous trip to  Europe. A local road trip would satisfy me just fine. I'm just craving an adventure of sorts! I could really use the beach right now. The coastline has always been so amazing to me! And absolutely beautiful. The gist of my emotions is this: I want to go somewhere pretty and feel inspired!   

Gorgeous, right? Ah I want to leave Provo! 

However. I believe you can find some magical moments even if you aren't in the most aesthetically pleasing place. There are some wonderful moments that can happen anytime. Especially if you aren't planning or expecting them. Most of the time, those moments make the bets memories!This past week I think I realized just how much I love the rain. Call me a mermaid, but I am loving the water right now. Don't you agree though? There is something about a rainstorm. The smell and feel of the air is just enchanting. It turns you into a dreamer. Makes you feel cozy if indoors. And adventurous if outside!

Being outside during a rainstorm :)

Big cities in the rain= my favorite thing

Curling up with a blanket and watching the rain.
 It's even better if you've got a cute guy to cuddle with :)

Looking classy in the rain

There is just something about a good rainy day that gives me energy. But as much as I do love rainy days, I still want the beach. I guess I'll just have to wait for the next rainstorm because it's highly doubtful the coast will be receiving a visit from me anytime too soon!

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  1. Hey there, Morg--this is Rachel from EverydayMagic. I was absolutely flattered by your comment on my last post (truly, I haven't stopped grinning yet). It seems that you and I are writing along the same lines--magic and adventure wherever you can get it. It would also seem that we go to the same school (Go Cougars!). What are you studying?
    You know you don't need to go far from Provo (or even in it) to be inspired--you just have to know where to look. It seems to me that you are just on exactly the right track. As poor starving college students we learn quickly to make do with what we've got--even when it comes to adventure and inspiration.
    I am going to be studying abroad in Israel this fall, so my happy little blog will soon be turning into an annal of my adventures in the Holy Land--just so you know should you visit again. I shall certainly be eagerly looking for more from you. Your writing is clear and refreshing and just lovely--and also inspiring. I didn't have to look any farther for that today. Thanks again for reading my little page and for making me smile. :)


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