Life as a Soph

Sorry for the lack of posting recently! It has been crazy lately with school starting. But I miss my blog!

Being back here at BYU as a sophomore makes me realize how much I've learned since walking onto this campus as a naive freshman. I guess I'm still naive about a lot in life, but I understand a little bit more. This last year has taught me a lot about life and about myself. Things are starting to "click" for me and I feel like I have begun to discover my path in  life. Kind of. There is still a tremendous amount of unknown, but I can see things starting to piece together. And that is a very nice feeling. It's great living with my friends again. I've forgotten how hard they make me laugh and what good conversations we can have. I missed them a ton over the summer!

I will admit, it's SO nice working part-time. The summer of 8+ hours a day just was a little much! I have gained a new appreciation for the Air Force though. I feel very privileged to have this job and learn so much about this branch of the military. Depends on the day, but I generally really like my job. I work with awesome people and because of our hilarious/crazy chats I made it through the summer. I don't think any other workplace in the world is so open!

The paperwork can get nightmare-ish sometimes, but let's get real: welcome to the way government does business. We easily go through a small forest a day. But regardless, it's neat to see the respect and honor the cadets (most of them) and officers treat America with.  Even though not all of these officers and cadets exactly agree with every current policy in the modern government, but they  all absolutely revere what America stands for: our fundamental principles and values.They all agree on that and fight for it. It's impressive to witness such patriotism! Watching the care and respect the color guard brings the flag in with is very moving. Sometimes all you hear in the news are stories slamming our military and highlighting events where people show hatred to America. And it's really refreshing to have a job to balance that out. While I don't necessarily agree with what policy makers in Washington are doing, I do support and respect what men and women sacrifice to serve in the Armed Forces.

Being here daily at the ROTC reminds me what being an American means. It's interesting having the ROTC be on an LDS college campus. Lots of the pictures hung on the walls are scenes from the Bible, Book of Mormon, Revolutionary War, and other wars. It's a good reminder that these men (and others like them) fight for the things that are very dear to me. And I appreciate that. Most of these cadets view their role in the military more than just a job. They recognize the lives they potentially could hold in their hands and the responsibility that comes along with that. Even though I'm just a secretary, they treat with me respect....with only one or two exceptions! I'd never been called ma'am before till this job. I have also got in the habit of calling older men "sir." Yes, I accidentally called my bishop "sir" the other day. Which was a bit weird. In my very, very, very, very insignificantly minuscule way, it's cool to have a job that effects the military of the United States. But here are some pics of things happening around the ROTC from the time when I first started my job last winter! We had a change of command ceremony last week and it is incredibly touching to see all of the cadets and officers in their sharp blue uniforms. Gotta love a guy in a uniform!

Honoring those who lose their lives in war
Dining out! This was so fun, and SOOO  formal.

The inner workings of the office.... not quite as professional as those cadets.

I feel really lucky to have scored such a good job. I have high hopes that this semester will be successful. Also, I promise I won't take so long to update my beloved little blog again!

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