The Playlist Of My Life

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." 

Listening to my iPod while running tonight, I realized something. Music can be so powerful and full of emotion. Music can take me back to the happiest and saddest times of my life, the times I'm dying to re-live and the times I've forgotten. When I'm feeling a certain way there's almost always a song to accompany that emotion. It's interesting really how certain songs make me cry. Some make me want to dance. Others pump me up when I'm running. Some are inspiring and make me want to be a better person. Some make me feel closer to heaven. And then there are those that bring back memories so strong it's like they just happened. It's true that music conveys things that normal words can't. If I had to create a playlist to capture my current stage of life, it would tell you so much about who I am. What I feel. My experiences with love and heartbreak. What makes me happy. The things that make me sad. How I see the world. Where I want to go. And how I want to live. Whether it's listening to modern music via good ole' Apple devices or playing a musical instrument or listening to a vocalist or a musical or a concert, music is therapeutic and beautiful. Sometimes painfully so and sometimes brings incredible peace. But regardless, it always evokes some sort of emotion from me. I once heard someone say something that I'll always remember and that I find completely true,

"music is what feelings sounds like." 


  1. Morgan, I just love this. You put it so eloquently. This is exactly how I feel too. I love your writing!

  2. Music really is such an important part of living. As a dancer and musician, I really don't know what I would do without it!

    <3 Melissa


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