Do You Remember That?

Memories... the times of our past we never really seem to forget. Isn't it interesting, looking back, we remember certain moments so clearly? & in the midst of those moments of life we never knew that one day we'd look back with such emotion on those times. Those days seemed normal, average, & ordinary. Just days lived with people at places we loved & enjoyed at the time, but didn't realize they'd become so deeply etched into our future hearts. & that's the beauty of it. If we knew those moments would one day bear so much weight  it would be impossible to enjoy the here & now.

The passing of time does interesting things. It tends to put a golden light upon the lovely times & somehow seems to dull the darker ones. But still, certain things bring out those forgotten emotions pretty strong. Memories come flooding back to you & your past experience really doesn't seem past at all. You wish you were there again at that beautiful place looking at those awe inspiring buildings and art. Or feeling the strong acceptance & happiness you've felt with friends & family. Or re-living those days filled with stressful excitement & anxiety but ended up so absolutely great. But then something somehow reminds you that things are different &  to enjoy the stage of life where you are. So that later on you can look back with the same fondness about the things you're currently experiencing. 

Like you, I've had some really wonderful memories about my times wandering through love, adventure, college, friendships, family relationships, religion, continents, & cultures. Most things I like to remember. Other memories cause a little too much longing. While others have a very special place in my heart. Memories are a way of holding onto things you never want to lose & I guess that's what life is all about, is it not? Experiencing life & allowing the memories to make us a better person for it. 

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  1. I am falling in love with life that I always make sure to make every day wonderful and full of unforgettable things! It's a bonus to be able to go back to the past days (even past years!). It's always lovely to still feel the happiness you've felt days, months, years ago. :)


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