On Being Right

It's the day before election. I, like everyone else, have a view of the world. I definitely endorse a specific candidate & strongly oppose the other. I have my idea of how I would like America to run & am voting for the candidate that best fits that view. I'll be disappointed if that person loses because I think he'll steer the country in the right direction. But I try hard to respect both men running. They are both educated & successful.  But this isn't a political blog & I think there are PLENTY of people hashing all these issues over & over & over & over & over & over again. However, I suppose I should probably throw my opinion into the mess anyways. If you'll allow, here it goes...

I see so many hateful things spread, especially online. Remarks springing from extremely closed minds & prideful notions. Name calling & incredibly offensive things. People getting furious with their friends & carelessly insulting family members. People fight all over facebook & delete their friends over remarks made. Others get into full blown arguments because they are absolutely unwilling to see the other side. Christian ethics seem to slide right out the window.

Yes, I believe debate is good. It's an awesome thing to have a well thought-out stance. Intelligent arguments should be a key dynamic of the media. I think every American should have an opinion and be able to support it with good reasons. I enjoy participating in & listening to people's ideas presented in a mature light. There are lots of people that I know that are just that: open minded & respectful. & I really look up to those people, particularly at this time of year. They are examples to me of what a good citizen should be. Chances are, many of you reading this may fall into that category. But out of a more general reminder, especially to myself, I'm posting this because I've heard/seen too much yelling, fighting, & contention that is ridiculous. There's always a different side to the issue. Always. I heard a very true statement from a well known public speaker.

In a very eloquent way she says this. That sometimes when we find another person who disagrees with our opinions, it is human nature to first think they are ignorant & just don't know what they're talking about. If we find out they actually are quite well informed, our next inclination is to believe they must be inherently evil. I think this is most commonly seen in the beautiful and kind world of politics, (Sarcasm added) I don't know about you, but I've heard both candidates called both of those adjectives to the extreme. 

So as today is election eve, let's remember this: there are countless ways to view the world. Everyone's experiences shape their paradigm and what they feel. The economic situation you are born into. Where you grew up. What you're going through now. Personal struggles you face. The people you know and love. & countless other things since no one lives identical lives. I think diversity is the spice of life. Let me ask a question:

How do we even know we're right?

We can only say we are according to our own area of expertise & within the walls of our own lives. How can we accuse someone of being wrong when we don't live in their head? So maybe during the next few days we can all remember (myself MOST definitely included in this) that everybody sees things differently & thus the hate doesn't need to be spread. But it's just a thought...


  1. whoa. okay...

    i love this. (do i say that on every post? maybe.) but seriously morgan, this is a beautiful thought. if only we could all live this way, the world - in a large perspective and in our very own individual, personal worlds - would be so much better a place.

    you're so good at this. teach me? :)

  2. Morg, this is the best. You hit it spot on!:)

  3. Good insight Morg. I definitely need to be more willing to see the other side at all times.. thanks for the inspiration!


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