This Heart of Mine

I have no idea who reads this blog, but sorry for being repetitive. But here's why I blog: to get my feelings out. I can work things out and figure out how I feel. I can vent. I can think. I don't really write to keep an audience... maybe I should... but for now, I'm writing for me. And I'm really going to miss that on my mission. I guess my personal journal will have to take the place of this blog.

Looking back on my life, I've changed a lot this year. I've made a lot of mistakes. I've hurt people I love. I've been careless with the feelings of others. I've spoken without thinking. Stayed up too late and studied too little. Said some goodbyes I really didn't want to say. But... with all those flaws and mistakes of mine, I've had some really beautiful times as well. I've made absolutely incredible friends. I fell in love. I was so, so happy. I learned a lot about following your heart. I got my mission call. Lost a lot of weight. Became closer with my family. Cut my hair...

So here I am. A mixture of experiences that have left me decidedly and unalterably changed. 

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